No Savannah cats for australia PRESS RELEASE


Savannah cats should not be imported to Australia according to the Australasia’s leading non government wildlife management group.

Spokesperson for the Australasian Wildlife Management Society , Terry Korn said that Savannah cats, which are a cross between the 13-19kg African Serval and a domestic cat pose an extreme risk of establishing a wild population and an extreme risk of becoming a pest.

Feral cats are already a significant pest in this country said Mr Korn. Their impact on bird and small animal populations is well documented in the scientific literature. Why should we allow the importation of a cat that will interbreed with our domestic and feral populations and potentially increase the size of feral cats to that of a kelpie dog”.

The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Peter Garrett, has wisely announced a review of the proposed importation. Australia spends millions of dollars annually on research and management of feral or invasive animals and has established a Cooperative Research Centre on Invasive Species. It doesn’t make sense to add to the problem by importing Savannah cats said Mr Korn.

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society encourages Australians who care for their environment to either write to Minister Garrett and express their opposition to the importation of Savannah cats or contribute to the review which has been announced by Minister Garrett. The review can be accessed on

Contact: Terry Korn 0268847298 or 0417747298

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