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Conference Travel Subsidy

AWMS encourages and supports student participation at the annual conference. To enable students to present at the annual AWMS conference, the Committee provides a travel subsidy for AWMS student members. To be eligible for a travel subsidy, students must have approval of their supervisor and present a talk or poster at the annual conference.

Student subsidy amounts

Full-time students registered for the full conference:

  • $300 for those who have been paid members of AWMS for three years or more,
  • $200 for students whose past and future paid membership totals less than 3 years.

The subsidy will be reduced proportionally for students registered for part of the conference. For part time students the subsidy will be at 75% of the above full time rates.

In years where the application for subsidies is high, preference will be given to those people whose experience is most relevant to the symposia planned for the conference. Information on claiming the subsidy will be provided at each conference.

To apply for the subsidy please fill in the form and submit it, with copies of your travel receipts, at lunchtime on Day 1 to the AWMS Committee Member near the registration desk.

Indigenous People

Travel subsidies and registration for indigenous people will be considered (as per students) where indigenous delegates cannot get full support from their member organisation and where it is considered desirable for them to attend a specific symposium. If appropriate to their circumstances, free registration may be considered. Subsidies will be considered where applicants can:

  • Identify themselves as an indigenous person of Australia or New Zealand (other countries will also be considered)
  • Are involved in wildlife management in that country
  • Will present a paper (spoken or poster) or have experiences relevant to a conference symposium.

To apply for the subsidy, please fill in the form. Please include proposed costs for travel, whether you are receiving any additional support, and comments or a letter outlining your circumstances. Please submit the form to the Treasurer at the conference.

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