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The Graeme Caughley medal for contributions to Australasian wildlife management

To recognise outstanding contributions to the field of wildlife management in Australia and New Zealand, AWMS has established a ‘Graeme Caughley Medal for Contributions to Australasian Wildlife Management’. Commemorating Graeme’s life and contribution to the field through establishment of the medal is particularly relevant to AWMS as:

  • Graeme is a past member and president of the society.
  • Graeme played an enormously influential role in developing the discipline of wildlife management on both sides of the Tasman, and his work is highly regarded internationally.

The medal (and its associated prize) is awarded on an occasional basis to recognise a life-time contribution to wildlife management in Australia and New Zealand.

The prize

The prize associated with the medal can be varied at the discretion of the current council but, at a minimum, consists of:

  • A specifically struck medal engraved with the recipients name and the year of the award
  • An appropriately presented copy of the citation printed under the AWMS letterhead and signed by the current president
  • All expenses associated with the recipient’s attendance at the Annual Conference where the award is made
  • An opportunity for the recipient to address the Annual Conference on a subject of their choosing

Criteria for the award

While any professional whose career has been primarily involved in deriving or applying scientific information to managed wildlife in Australia and New Zealand should be eligible for the award, AWMS seeks to recognise those individuals who have made an outstanding or exemplary contribution. A continuous high output of scientific information, or scientifically-based wildlife management policy would be consistent with such a contribution.

Process for making an award

Nominations for the medal can be submitted by members to the AWMS council through its president ([email protected]) at any time, but only those received prior to June would be considered for awarding at the Annual Conference the following December. Nominations should include a detailed account of the nominees professional career, highlighting the specific contributions they have made to the field and the impact these have made on the practice of wildlife management in Australia and New Zealand. If a nomination is successful, the nominating person(s) will be asked to produce a one page citation summarising the nomination, to be awarded along with the medal by the president of the society (or their nominee) at the next Annual Conference.

Caughley Medal Award Recipients

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