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AWMS fosters relationships with other wildlife organisations around the world.  These affiliations offer AWMS members a variety of reciprocal membership arrangements with each organisation. As well as official affiliations, AWMS also has event-specific affiliations with a number of organisations including:

  • The Royal Zoological Society (Australian Chapter)
  • The Australian Academy of Science

Our current official affiliation is with the south African Wildlife Management Association. 

The Southern African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA) is an independent, non-profit, multidisciplinary organisation for wildlife management professionals and others interested in wildlife management in southern Africa. SAWMA and AWMS share the objective of promoting excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education. Both organisations focus on scientific management of wildlife in their region of the southern hemisphere, each with unique strengths, cultures and expertise, but each having interest in the betterment of wildlife management worldwide.

The SAWMA and AWMS affiliation aims to further communication, cooperation and opportunities for professional development for their members, and for scientific management of wildlife in southern Africa and Australasia.

All members of AWMS are welcome to become members of SAWMA, and vice versa, at standard membership rates. Members are provided with enhanced opportunities to develop contact with, and learn from, wildlife professionals in the other’s region. Members of AWMS may purchase SAWMA services and products (e.g., conference registration fees, journal subscriptions and publications) at standard discounted membership rates and vice versa. Members of both organisations are eligible to receive electronic communications from the other (e.g. SAWMA e-Newsletter). This eligibility is not automatic and will require activation by the individual member.

Those who have been a member of SAWMA and AWMS for more than a year will be eligible to apply for conference subsidy of the affiliate organisation when awards available.  They will also be eligible for The Joan Southgate Southern African Australasia Travel Fund when that becomes available on February 1 - March 31 each year.

For more information and how to become a member of SAWMA visit

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