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2008 Conference PRESS RELEASE


Panthers, Wedge-tailed eagles, koalas, jackals, sea-horses and dingoes all have something in common despite coming from different continents or countries says Dr David Forsyth, president of the Australasian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS) which is holding its annual conference at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle from 24 – 27 November.

“They all pose management problems for humans and these problems are not easily solved because of the social, political, environmental and economic issues associated with their management. The AWMS brings together annually researchers, management specialists, senior policy advisers, social scientists and economists who present new information and exchange knowledge about how wildlife management can be improved. Unless we continue to find better ways to co-exist with natural systems that are compromised by introduced species or mismanagement we will lose our unique and valuable biodiversity and have less agricultural production”, says Dr Forsyth.

Conferences are held annually in either Australia or New Zealand and focus on both terrestrial and marine management issues. Speakers at the Fremantle conference will discuss management topics ranging from the role shark nets can play in sea horse management, poaching in Tanzania, dingo management in the Tanami Desert and koalas on Kangaroo Island.

Keynote speakers at this year’s conference include Professor Charlie Krebs from Canberra University who will reflect on how climate change may impact on wildlife management, Dr Glen Saunders will report on the ongoing issues associated with fox management, Professor Chris Dickman from Sydney University will discuss natural history and the management of invasive species while Dr Wendy Ruscoe from New Zealand will ask the question “does it matter if one invasive species eats another?

“The AWMS places a strong emphasis on encouraging student participation and this year 30 student papers will be presented over the four days” said Dr Forsyth.

Contact: Terry Korn, vice president AWMS 0417747298 or 

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