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Wildlife conflict with mining and agriculture ‘Wildlife and mining operations often come into conflict” says Dr David Forsyth, president of the Australasian Wildlife Management Society,” and this issue will be addressed at the annual conference of the society which is being held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle from 24-27 November.”

Western Australia is undergoing a resource boom at present and this places human values and wildlife on a collision course which requires careful and considered management if environmental values are to be protected for future generations. A strong export income is derived from agricultural production as well and this is also impacted by wildlife.

The conference will discuss a great range of topics in its four days and information will be presented on: the return of fauna to jarrah forests after bauxite mining, mine rehabilitation to conserve environmental values, the movement behaviour and impact of feral pigs on jarrah forests, biodiversity benefits and production costs of wild dogs and what do we do about wild dogs?

Australia and New Zealand like to present a “clean, green and caring” image for their resource and agricultural industries which is backed up by best practice so it is critical that sound management and research is employed to ensure best practice said Dr Forsyth.

The AWMS plays a critical role in this process by providing an annual forum in either Australia or New Zealand where the latest management and research information is presented to a critical audience. This is the first time we have held the conference in Western Australia and the society is interested in hearing about Western Australia’s particular issues” said Dr Forsyth 

Contact: Terry Korn, vice president AWMS 0417747298 or go to


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