AWMS 2016 Conference

Auckland, New Zealand

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Attendance - ESA and AWMS

Dates for AWMS Conference 2016 - New Zealand(Please note ESA have recently announced that their conference will be held the week beginning 28 November 2016)



Science in Wildlife Management

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society promotes the use of science to identify appropriate wildlife management principles and practices, to develop plans of management and to implement and review these plans within a social, environmental, economic and political context.  People involved in this process include research scientists, educators, wildlife managers, and extension, interpretation and policy professionals.

Become a member! To be a member you must have an interest in scientific wildlife management.  All memberships are approved by the Committee. Membership covers a wide range of natural and social science professions primarily from Australia and New Zealand, but also from other Pacific Rim countries.

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Benefits of Membership

Become a member of AWMS and expand your horizons!  A membership with AWMS provides you with access to information from a wide range of members who are experts in their fields.  You can join in discussion groups and community forums on a wide range of wildlife related topics, or you can create your own!  Search for expert help by searching members by skill or area of interest.

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