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- a list of jobs currently available that may be of interest to members.  To advertise here please contact us (please supply either a word document, pdf or weblink of your add)

We are a staff of 3.5 with a great deal of commitment, energy and passion. The small organisation has a massive, in fact endless remit. We are hoping for someone special to work with.
Closing date is Nov 3 !! More info

Honours available

1. Various - Centre for Wildlife Management, Pretoria, South Africa. More info

Masters available

1. Feral Pigs - Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology, South Africa. More info

PHD's available

La Trobe University

The role of wild deer in the transmission of diseases of livestock. More info

University of Tasmania

1. Food webs and ferals: can rabbits control cats to protect native mammals? More info  

University of Melbourne/University of Queensland

1. Characterisation of the female echidna reproductive cycle (based at University of Queensland). More info

2.  Analysis of the genes and hormones that control development of the monotreme reproductive tract (based at University of Melbourne). More info

Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary  More info

1: Bringing Back Biodiversity to Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary: The Reintroduction Biology of the Yellow-footed Antechinus (Antechinus flavipes), Eastern Chestnut Mouse (Pseudomys gracilicaudatus) and New Holland Mouse (Pseudomys novaehollandiae)
2: Bringing Back Biodiversity to Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary: The Reintroduction Genetics of a Restoring Woodland Faunal Community

Jobs wanted

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